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Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) & Sudan

Customs, knowledge, craft techniques  

The UNESCO Khartoum Office


Location: Khartoum, Al Taif          

Type of Organization: International, UN family  


To assist Sudan in achieving objectives of UNESCO’s Mandate (see the UNESCO’s Constitution, and actual Mid-Term Strategy, Biennial Workplans, and UNESCO Country Strategy for Sudan).

In particular, for the UNESCO 2003 Convention, to capacitate the Sudanese ICH Sub-Sector supporting its efforts in implementation the Sudanese ICH Strategy for 2020-29.

Short History

Being established in 2006, the UNESCO Khartoum Office contributed to Sudan’s development in different aspects of Education, Science, Culture, Media and Information.

In particular, together with the Sudanese NatCom and Ministry of Culture, it promoted the ratification of the UNESCO 2003 Convention (which was ratified in 2008), organized assessment of country’s ICH capacities (2015), and supported strengthening of the Sudanese ICH Sub-Sector implementing the project funded by the UAE (2018-20). The latest resulted in about 200 trained Sudanese cultural professionals, developed Sudanese ICH Strategy for 2020-29, developed Sudanese ICH Inventorying Policy, registered 42 ICH elements as the Sudanese ICH Heritage, etc.

The UNESCO/KHA continues contributing to the Sudanese ICH Sub-Sector.


  • Together with the MoC and NatCom, promoted ratification of the UNESCO 2003 Convention – ratified in 2008;
  • Together with the MoC, NatCom, and ICH Sector in UNESCO’s HQ, assessed the Sudanese ICH Sub-Sector capacities – in 2015;
  • Together with the Sudanese NCCH and Heritage House,
    • Trained about 200 Sudanese cultural professionals in UNESCO 2003 Convention and ICH Safeguarding – in 2018-20;
    • Capacitated key Sudanese stakeholders (about 30 cultural professionals) in ICH Inventorying, Nominating ICH elements for International Recognition, and gathering International Assistance via ICH Fund in UNESCO;
    • Developed Sudanese ICH Strategy for 2020-29 – in 2019-20;
    • Developed Sudanese ICH Inventorying Policy – in 2019-20;
    • Registered 42 ICH elements in the Sudanese ICH Inventory (end of 2020);
    • Promoted the nomination of the Sudanese Toub (women’s dress) internationally (submitted to the ICH Committee in 2020)
  • Together with the Sudanese NCCH, NatCom, Heritage House and Austrian NatCom developed the on-line Sudanese Inventorying Tool (2021).

Key Staff: Mr. Abdelgadir Salih and Ms. Lamia Elsamani