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Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) & Sudan

Customs, knowledge, craft techniques  

The Northern Team

Location: Dongola             

Primary area of responsibility: River Nile and Northern States    

Organizational affiliation: Dongola University           

Type of Organization: Academia      

Leader(1) Contact         

  • Name: Mr. Baloula Mohamed Baloula
  • Phone: +249 123 422 505 or +249 912 664 297

Leader(2) Contact

  • Name: Afaf Babikir Alzain
  • Phone: +249 122 974 436; +249 913 462 053

Competencies with reference to the Sudanese ICH strategy’s development areas   

  • Conducting community-based inventories
  • Developing and implementing community-based safeguarding plans 
  • Raising the profile of ICH domestically and internationally


  • Contributed to the Sudanese ICH Strategy 2020-29
  • Conducted several field studies collecting ICH elements
  • ICH integrated in folklore studies at the Faculty of Arts and Human Studies in the University of Dongola
  • Established the ICH Museum at the Archaeology and Heritage Studies Center of the Nile Valley University