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Sudanese National ICH


(20) Sibr al Lūba
Social Practices, in South Kordofan state | Nationally recognized

Sibr al Lūba is an annual ritual event arranged by a group of South Kurdufān Nuba, especially the Nimang community. Sibr al Lūba or the Kunjiqar festival celebrates the end of the harvest season, and is attended by all members of the group.

On the opening day, the Kujūr (fortune teller and the group’s official wizard) approaches to inaugurate the cult of Sibr al Lūba before a considerable number of the community members. He tastes the crop and expresses his satisfaction with the plentiful amount of produce, thanking Burdi (God) for the merits of a plentiful rainfall. The new crop is not allowed inside houses until the performance of the rituals. However, children and adults may eat as much as they can in the field. The event provides an opportunity for members of the Nuba families to reunite. Children get to know their family and relatives for the first time during the festivities. Young women explore the possibilities of finding a matching partner.


NCCH (National Council for Culture Heritage and the Promotion of National Language