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Sudanese National ICH


(9) Nubian decoration house
Traditional Craft, in Northern state | Nationally recognized

The decoration of Nubian homes is a women's work. The purpose of these decorations, besides the aesthetic dimension, is to protect the owners of the house from the evil eye. Special attention is given to the main entrance. The Nubian woman's love of adornment and beauty that stands behind her preoccupation with decoration.

The decoration of Nubian homes is totally a women's work, and in the event that men do some decoration work, this is done under the supervision and direction of the women. The purpose of these decorations is to give special beautiful look to the house, Furthermore, one of the main functions is to protect the family from the evil eye. The Nubian women loves art and bright colors. They accomplish, see to or supervise all stages of work including collecting the material. The Nubian house is usually renovated on happy occasions, such as marriage, childbearing, circumcision, holidays, and Hajj (pilgrimage). The work begins by wiping a new layer of light mortar, which is a mixture of silt clay fermented with cow dung, on the floor and walls of the house, and after it dries up, women paint decorations on it in a variety of harmonious forms. The themes of the architectural decoration are inspired by the local environment, and are executed in raw colors from the region. The entrances of the houses are given a special interest in decoration. We find on the top of the entrance and on both sides of it a group of decorations, where wicker and porcelain dishes are installed in bright colors that bring joy to the souls, crocodiles are drawn and mummified on the top of the entrances and on the interior walls, nevertheless crocodile has a strong relationship with the ancient Nile Valley civilization. The horns of bulls and birds are also depicted, and many symbols from the ancient civilization, such as the key that became a symbol of the cross in the Christian period, and crescents, stars and flowers also appear. Fronds crafts, such as “Birish & Tabag” are also used inside home to decorate the floors and walls.


NCCH (National Council for Culture Heritage and the Promotion of National Language